To convert prospects, North American schools, tourism 
establishments and destinations must be found early online in 
Japanese, Chinese and Korean using Japan Advertisng Ltd's 
publisher sites with their directories (MUST GO™ Directory
Directory of Canadian Schools and
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B2C Directories reach 1.6M tourists & students

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Directory of


  • in one language ($399 US*)
  • in two languages ($600 US*)
  • in three languages ($720 US*)
* To list under one of the following categories: Universities & Colleges, Language Schools, Vocational Schools, High Schools.
For each extra category the listing may appear,
a 10% surcharge would apply.  

To register listing on
(Travel & Leisure) MUST GO™ Directory
of Canadian tourism establishments and destinations: 

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 (to list under any one of the following categories: General Attractions, Tours & Transportation, Galleries & Museums, Outdoor Activities, Wineries, Festival & Events, Shopping, Other)


  • in one language ($299 CAN*)
  • in two languages ($450 CAN*)
  • in three languages ($540 CAN*)
    * To list under one category. For each extra category the listing may appear, a 10% surcharge applies. Plus 5% BC Sales Tax. 

Instructions to list or to place display banner ad

  1. First, click Buy Now to order and forward an authorization by email to Japan Advertising Ltd (the parent company in charge of production) to list (or to place a display banner indicating the ad size, regular or panoramic) specifying in which language(s) to publish: Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean. 
  2. For a listing, click the link (logo) of the appropriate directory shown on this page to submit text. Make
    sure to include in the different boxes of the template of the registration form a text in English to be translated by our staff (not a robot translation service) totaling up to 350 words for maximum content
    . Using the latter, distinctive keywords (characters) are chosen that we then optimize on the leading search engines in the language(s) specified in your emailed instructions. Thenwe produce a personalized Web (landing) Page, hosted for each listing booked in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean. 
  3. Finally, email material:
- for directory listing: a logo and up to eight photos (low-rez jpeg preferred) all attached in the same email. If available, a video can also be hosted (if under 16 MB, just forward in a separate email a video file as an attachment). If larger, please indicate where the video file could be uploaded from (for instance, a YouTube video is acceptable)
- for display banner ad: a logo and one or two favorite photos (more if larger panoramic-size banner was purchased). Also, provide a text in English (up to forty characters in English for regular-size banner, up to 140 characters in English for panoramic-size banner)
Example of Fanshawe College regular-size display banner in Chinese

Regular-size display banner ads can be hosted in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean on any of the directories. At 148 x 75 pixels (static or animated), it appears on each page of a directory including the Home Page (on the right side of the page with a maximum of up to four others). It can be purchased for $920/year in one language, $1,380 /year in two languages and $1,840/year in three languagesSee herewith the examples of regular-size display banner ads:

  • Fanshawe College (ON) and The Westin Calgary in simplified Chinese
  • Air Canada and Olympic College (WA) in Japanese 

Example of The Westin Calgary regular-size banner in Chinese
Example of Air Canada regular-size banner in Japanese
Example of Olympic College regular-size banner in Japanese
Example of Bonnevue Manor panoramic-size banner in Chinese
Example of UCLA Summer Sessions and Summer Programs panoramic banner in Korean

Panoramic-size display banner ads can be hosted in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean on any of the directories. At 660 x 82 pixels (rich media, animated or static), it appears on each page of a directory including the Home Page (on top of the page in rotation with a maximum of up to two others in 8-second long sequence). It can be purchased for $1,280/year in one language, $1,920/year in two languages and for $2,560 in three languages. See above the examples of:

  • Bonnevue Manor (ON) in Chinese 
  • UCLA Summer Sessions and Special Programs (in Korean)

All rates mentioned include production and translation. Regular-size banner can be booked at the same rates as above to appear in one or the other of the Canadian and American directories published in Japanese and Chinese by Japan Advertising Ltd and in Korean by its Korean partner websites.

For more details, including for banner rates also available on 90-day or 180-day hosting flights, please address any query through the Contact Us Page.