To convert prospects, North American schools, tourism 
establishments and destinations must be found early online in 
Japanese, Chinese and Korean using Japan Advertisng Ltd's 
publisher sites with their directories (MUST GO™ Directory
Directory of Canadian Schools and
Michel Bonin is the sales agent and a global digital market researcher.

Over 130 tourism firms list on MUST GO Directory

Infographic shows overnight arrivals of tourists from abroad to Canada in 2018 (by country of residence)

Infographic above shows the number of overnight arrivals of visitors from abroad to Canada in 2018 (by country of residence), excluding single day trips by land. Percentages shown are shifts compared to 2017.

Source: Statistics Canada, International Travel Survey - Frontier Counts (Dec. 2018) 


Historical data gathered through Japan Advertising Ltd's North American web publications in Japanese since 1999, Chinese since 2005/2006 and Korean since 2011 show on average:
  • For instance, over a 12-month period ending in a recent year, Canadian tourism establishments and destinations generated
    views on average ranging 
    between 2,000 and up to over 5,000 unique visits*

  • About five percent of unique visits recorded on a directory listing or on its hosted (Mini) Web (landing) Page generate projected (future) leads*. When listed in all three languages, a school listing can generate up to over 250 
    projected (future) leads*
  • Each display banner ad is clicked on
    by 0.2% of the annual unique visitors, therefore
    generating for an advertiser close to 1,000
    projected (future) leads* 
    from a presence in all three languages on the MUST GO™ Directory
    in a recent year.
  • Moreover, because of its singular visual impact on each page viewed, such display banner delivers between three times and up to over five times greater awareness than the paid directory listing that the MUST GO™
    Directory also offers, as shown from its historical aggregated metrics.
* Unique visits and projected leads continue to grow. Particularly since 2013, each online directory and their hosted Web (landing) Pages are optimized with over 100 keywords submitted and updated each year in Japanese, Chinese and Korean on the top seven search engines in those languages. 

China is fast becoming the #1 source of world tourism. In 2019, for the first time, travelers from China are likely to have the largest number of overnight arrivals to Canada from oversea. Until now, the United Kingdom has held that #1 position.

  • In 2018, arrivals from China (+6% vs 2017), Japan (-15% vs 2017) and South Korea (-16% vs 2017) totaled 1,234,000, a 3.5% decrease vs 2017. Whereas arrivals from the U.K, France and Germany totaled 1,802,000, no change versus 2017.
  • Chinese travelers to Canada should continue to spend twice the number of nights recorded over recent years by UK visitors, the oversea country with the next best record in that regard.
For more on Market trends, go to Michel Bonin's Best Practices.

Here is how to list or host display banner on CanadaJournal (Travel & Leisure) Must GoDirectory in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean

Click on the Canada Map herewith or click here to view the TOP
 Most Visited
Canadian tourism establishments and destinations listed in a recent year on the (Travel & Leisure)  MUST GO™ Directory in Japanese,
Chinese and/or Korean. Check the Mini-Web (landing) Pages hosted in Japanese, Chinese and Korean by clicking on any of the links under those TOP 25.

Lobster On The Wharf regular size banner

For example, this regular-size (148 x 75 pixels) display banner ad in Japanese hosted for Lobster On The Wharf, (Charlottetown PEI)
generated over 250 projected (future) leads through the Japanese
directory pages alone from 181,000 unique visits over a 12-month period.
  • In comparison, over 225 projected (future) leads were generated
    through the same restaurant's listing in Japanese, Chinese and Korean in a recent twelve-month period. That is from an estimated over 4,500 surfers who viewed its alphabetical listing (Rolodex) or searched
    and found its Web (landing) Page hosted in all three languages.
Greyhound panoramic size banner

Panoramic-size display banner ads (leaderboard) can also be hosted on all the directory pages in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean. At 660 x 82 pixels like for example Greyhound Canada ad herewith in Japanese, it can be animated (gif or rich media format) or static, appearing in 8-second long sequence
and in rotation with up to two others on top of the page).
FEES: To find out about the fees to book a display banner ad to be hosted on all the directory pages of,  go to How To Register.