"North American schools, tourism establishments 
and destinations 
must be found early online.
Japan Advertisng Ltd's publisher sites 
( and
with their directories (MUST GO™ Directory
Directory of Canadian Schools and
can help reach prospects of Northeast Asian origin. 
The latter represent the most important source of 
international students and tourists to North America"

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School directories published by Japan Advertising Ltd provide choices to student prospects to satisfy a variety of needs. 
Historical data gathered through Japan Advertising's North American web publications in Japanese since 1999,
Chinese since 2005/2006 and Korean since 2011 
show that on average:
  • About five percent of unique visits* recorded on a school listing or on its hosted (Mini) Web (landing) Page generate
    projected (future) leads**. For instance, over a 12-month period in 2017, a school listed on had views ranging on average between 2,700 (when listed in one language) and up to 6,400 unique
     (when listed in all three languages) which could generate between 135 and 320 projected (future) leads**.
    The TOP 25 most visited listed in all three languages generated on average over 320 projected (future) leads** in 2017.
  • Unique visits* and projected (future) leads** continue to grow. Particularly since 2013, each online directory and their hosted Web (landing) Pages are optimized with over 100 keywords submitted and updated each year in Japanese, Chinese and Korean on the top seven search engines in those languages. 
  • Each display banner ad is clicked on average by 0.2% of the annual unique
    visitors, therefore generating over 1,000
    projected (future) leads** 
    from a presence in all three languages on in 2017.  Moreover, it is estimated a display
    banner ad, because of its unique visual impact on all the pages, generates awareness 
    between three times (for a regular-size banner) and five times (for a panoramic-size banner) greater than a
    directory l
Map of Canada where Canadian schools can be hosted

For example, the display banner
(regular-size, 148 x 75 pixels) 
for Mesa Community College (AZ) hosted in all three language versions of generated over 1,000 projected (future) leads over a twelve-month period.


The early predictive model generates unique visits* (or "unique users") and derives projected leads**.
  • This method provides the schools with an annual report meaningful in marketing to future international students early on their search online. Such forecast can drive performance by comparing it to the marketing goals of new international student intakes.
  • The strategy of anticipating future leads (as defined and applied into the Japan Advertising Ltd's model) looks at enrollment results including KPI through a broader definition of the lead generation funnel. Lead Attribution Models, Last-Click Measurement and Multi-Channel Funnels reporting through Search Analytics play less of a role here in predicting success (like driving conversions toward a school) when engaging with prospects traced digitally through a complex conversion path. Of course, this should not prevent the same schools to generate immediately retrievable leads at a more advanced stage of the buying process; that is when more targeted groups of prospects have already indicated a Desire and are now willing to take Action). That is in reference to the A.I.D.A. adoption process.

* Unique Visits: how they are tracked

  • Unique visits are tracked/reported as an actual aggregate from year to year of each of the over 400 pages of the North American school directories published by Japan Advertising Ltd in Japanese, and Chinese as well as in Korean through partner sites. Unique visits for each educational institution hosted are an estimate. Unique visits are totalled from all of the two and up to nine different alphabetical directory listing pages (Rolodex url) that a school can choose to be listed plus from its individually hosted Mini-Web (landing) Page. More specifically to arrive at an estimate of each school's directory listing,
  • Unique visits are tallied for pages by specific State (or Province) section and by Category ("Universities & Colleges", "Language Schools", "Vocational Schools" and "High Schools") as well as of each of the three language versions an individual school is listed.
  • The total unique visits (traffic figures) of the Rolodex (url) pages are then each divided by the number of actual schools whose listing appears on those pages.
  • Then is added the number of unique visits also tallied on an individual school's Mini-Web (landing) Page hosted in any of the three language versions.
For display banners, unique visits are totalled from all the alphabetical directory listing pages (Rolodex url) and also from the (most coveted) Home Page in the language(s) the school chooses its banner to be hosted. Total is then divided by the number of schools whose banner is hosted on each of those pages.
Note: If a visitor views the same url page more than once in any given month, visit counts as only ONE unique visit for that month. 

** Projected (future) Leads

Projected leads are derived from tracking click through. Using historical data gathered from the North American web publications of Japan Advertising Ltd since 1999, click-through on the posted links (websites and email addresses) of the schools listed on its Canadian and American directories are aggregated but not tracked/reported for individual schools. When totalling all click-through divided by the number of active listings posted on each given url page of the directory in any given year, the aggregate data shows about five percent of unique visits recorded on an average listing and its hosted Mini-Web (landing) Page generate click-through. This is how projected leads are assigned to each specific school hosted on a directory.

Panoramic-size display banner for UCLA in Korean

Panoramic-size display banner ads (leaderboard) can also be hosted on all the directory pages in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean. At 660 x 82 pixels like for example UCLA Summer Sessions & Special Programs ad herewith in Korean, it can be animated (gif or rich media format) or static, appearing in 8-second long sequence and in rotation with up to two others on top of the page.
FEES: To find out about the fees to book a display banner ad on the directory pages, go to How To Register.