"North American schools, tourism establishments 
and destinations 
must be found early online.
Japan Advertisng Ltd's publisher sites 
( and
with their directories (MUST GO™ Directory
Directory of Canadian Schools and
can help reach prospects of Northeast Asian origin. 
The latter represent the most important source of 
international students and tourists to North America"

Tool for Canada to enroll Northeast Asian students

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 listed on Study Abroad
Directory in a recent year with links to their Web (landing) Pages hosted through a Google document published on the web.


Study Abroad Directory Logo in Japanese, Chinese and Korean

Historical data gathered through Japan Advertising
North American web publications in Japanese since
1999, Chinese since 
and Korean since 2011 
show on average:
  • About five percent of unique visits recorded on a school listing or on its hosted (Mini) Web (landing) Page generate projected leads; for instance, over a 12-month period ending in 2015, Canadian schools listed in all three languages with views ranging between 2,000 and up to over 5,000 unique visits could generate up to 250 potential leads*
  • Each display banner ad is clicked on average by 0.2%
    of the annual unique visitors, therefore generating for an advertiser about 800 projected leads from a presence in all three languages on the Canadian school directory in
    2015. Moreover, it is estimated a 
    display banner ad, 
    because of its unique visual impact on all the pages,
    generates awareness between 
    two times (for a regular-size banner) and three times (for a panoramic-size banner) greater than a directory listing.
Example of West Vancouver School District regular-size banner in Japanese

For example, this regular-size (148 x 75 pixels) display banner ad in Japanese for a
Canadian high school, West Vancouver School Districtgenerated over 240 projected leads through the Japanese directory pages alone from over 118,000 unique visits during a twelve-month period.

  • In comparison, just over 100 projected leads were generated in Japanese in the same twelve-month period from an estimated over 2,000 surfers who viewed the same school's alphabetical listing (Rolodex) or searched and found its Web (landing) Page hosted in Japanese.
  • Regular-size banner can be purchased for $920 CAN/year in one language, $1,380 CAN/year in two languages or $1,840 CAN/year in all three languages ie. Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean (production and translation are included).

Market Trends

  • North American schools, universities and colleges are increasingly switching to Digital Marketing through third-party sites including online directories hosting individual web pages that are search-engine optimized (SEO's) in Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • Prospects of Northeast Asian origin
    represent the main source of international students for North American educational institutions. Particularly, Chinese students should continue as the biggest international revenue source for North American post-secondary institutions and high schools. 
For more on how schools' original and curated content and advertising can be
found earlier in those Northeast Asian languages, go to Best practices.

Market Opportunity

  • Advertising and the Internet in particular (including Social Media) is how 25 to 30%* of international ESL students are finding their schools' programme.
  • For the first time in recent memory,
    recommendation by an advisor (usually an agent) in finding the programmes of English Language Schools represent less than 50%* with friends/relatives representing less than a quarter*.
  • In marketing spend on the Internet, Canadian schools (at 8%*) are still behind
    the USA (at 20%*) and the UK
    (at 15.5%*).
  • With the removal of Work Co-op Programmes and the changes to the International Student Program (ISP) by the Canadian government in recent years, Canadian schools that have traditionally relied on agents are likely to evolve toward the new international norm with more Internet spending to match
    major competitors from the USA, the UK and Australia particularly in Northeast Asian languages.
    * Based on year-to-year trends from Market Analysis of Study Travel Magazine issues (2010 to 2014).

Panoramic-size display banner ads can also be hosted on all the directory pages in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean. At 660 x 82 pixels like for example North Island College (BC) ad herewith in Chinese, it can be animated or static, appearing in 8-second long sequence and in rotation with up to two others on top of the page). It can be purchased for $1,280 CAN/year in one language, $1,920 CAN/year in two languages or $2,560 CAN/year in all three languages ie. Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean 
(production and translation are included).